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Three main features of Japanese paper mask“MeiMei”

Applying for utility model

From "wearing" to "hanging". New style "Hang Mask".
Mei Mei has excellent breathability and greatly reduces suffocation and makeup loss

With the spread of the new coronavirus, masks have become a global new norm.
However, heat waves hit us every year, and wearing a mask can be stressful for many people.
In addition, researches have shown that the virus can infect not only through noses and eyes but also through the retina of the eyes, and the number of people wearing glasses has increased rapidly in recent months.

MeiMei is worn over glasses, not on the face.

Since it barely touches the face, the suffocation is greatly reduced.
Another advantage is that you can ensure comfortable breathability by adjusting the position where you hang the glasses on the vine.

"There is makeup that should not be broken".
Prevents makeup collapse, rough skin, and fogging of glasses.

"Makeup collapse" and "rough skin" are major problems when wearing a mask.
MeiMei barely touches the face, so the trouble is greatly reduced.

Produced in cooperation with the Japanese paper wholesaler that has continued since the Edo period.
All are one-of-a-kind masks and crafts ! ?

A major feature of MeiMei, the maid of "Washi" !

The characteristics of Japanese paper are
・antibacterial, insect repellent and UV protection.
・breathable and excellent durability.
・Keep clean with disinfectant spray.

Collaboration with the Japanese paper wholesaler "Ozu Washi", which has a history of 360 years since the Edo period!
There are overwhelming variations in Japanese paper.

And all products are one-of-a-kind items in the world.

Inspired by "origami"
MeiMei is the most playable mask in the world !

The future series development is endless, such as print patterns, watermark patterns,
and types of Japanese paper.
The use of masks is not only for infection prevention, but also for “Fashion of the Future”.