How to MeiMei

☆First, check the contents of the product.

・Japanese paper mask MeiMei -1
・Instruction manual -1
・MeiMei Grip - 2 sets 
(Check if you selected “Yes” at time of purchase)


1, How to wear

Take out MeiMei from the bag and crease it according to the instruction.

・Open MeiMei and pass the temples of the glasses through the folded wings.
The size can be adjusted in 2 steps by the position of the magnet.

・Wear it on your face with your glasses.
・Hold the part on the temples and pull it to your face.


2, How to remove

・Pinch the crease on the temples with your fingers.
・Lightly press the glasses and pull the pinched part upwards to remove it smoothly.


3, Care

・Spray a sterilization spray (sold separately) on the front and back of the mask and let it dry.
(Washi has excellent water resistance, so even if you spray a lot, you can still use the mask.)

4, About the period of use

(↑You can keep it even more beautiful by using it carefully.)

・Mei Mei cannot be washed with water.
→ However, Japanese paper itself has excellent water resistance, so it is hardly damaged by rain or a sterilization spray.
The magnet and the adhesive part of the nose and chin may weaken.

・The usage period is about one month.
→ Mino Japanese paper has excellent durability, so it can be used for about a month.
However, as shown in the photo above, there are changes such as the pattern print rubbing and the paper becoming softer.


5, About Mei Mei Grip

MeiMei is worn by hanging it on the templess of glasses and sunglasses,
it may need some adjustment depending on the size and material of the glasses and the distance from the face.
In that case, use the included MeiMei grip.
(S size is available from a temples diameter of 2 mm.)

Various designs are available as an option.

This product is not a medical mask, but is a face shield to prevent splashes in combination with glasses and sunglasses.
The material of Japanese paper always has some color and fiber unevenness during the manufacturing process. Please understand it as the charm of Japanese paper.
Japanese paper has excellent durability and water resistance, but please note that it may be damaged when pulled with strong force or soaked in water.
Please do not use this product in the place where harmful dust or gas is generated.
If you have any abnormalities on your skin, or if any abnormalities appear, discontinue use immediately.
If you feel sick while wearing the mask, discontinue use.
Please note that storage in a hot and humid place or in a place exposed to direct sunlight may cause damage.
Be careful when driving, as the glasses may fog up depending on the situation.
After use, dispose in acconrdance of the classification of the local government.